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Pool Services Perth – Buy Pool Products & Pool Installations

>>Pool Services Perth – Buy Pool Products & Pool Installations


    Pool Services Perth – Buy Pool Products & Pool Installations2018-11-07T16:57:55+08:00

    Our Services

    On this page you can find all the services that we offer. Find out more about our tried and tested pool resurfacing process. Get inspiration for the landscaping around your pool.

    Next to pool resurfacing we can offer you a range of services to complete the renovation of your pool.

    We can supply and install new pool equipment that will run your pool more efficient, quieter and that will help you reduce the use of chemicals.

    We also provide Electroheat pool heaters to extend your swimming season and manage the temperature of your pool water.

    Or have a look at our pool covers. Did you know that water evaporation is one of the biggest hidden expenses of having a pool? A pool cover can prevent up to 97% of water loss.

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    Leak Detection

    It is believed over 80% of all swimming pools leak, it is just the seriousness of the leak that differs. So how do we find the leak if it isn’t visible. If a leak cannot be located via dye testing, we pressure test the underground pipework to establish if the leak is below ground, Electronic listening technology is then used to find the exact location of the leak. Specialised electronic technology is used to locate splits in liner pools and structural cracks/holes in fibreglass pools.


    Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing

    The core of our business is renovating swimming pools. If you have a fiberglass pool that is fading and covered in black spot, a concrete pool with crumbling plaster. Or is your vinyl liner leaking and delaminating? We resurface your pool and make it look like new. To lift the pool renovation to the next level you can choose from a range of paint colours and tiles. 


    Pool Equipment Perth

    When it comes to the equipment required to run your pool we can also help you out. Whether you are looking for an upgrade of your existing equipment or need new equipment. We can supply a pool pump, filter, chlorinator, pool light or heater.


    Pool Covers Perth

    After the renovation of your pool, you want to make sure that the surface is protected from fading through sun damage. Reduce chemical use, minimise water evaporation and help maintain a comfortable water temperature of the pool water. Have a look at our range of pool covers and rollers.

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