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Pool Heating Perth


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    Project Description

    Electric & Solar Pool Heating Perth


    The Swimming season in Perth, generally speaking is from late November when the nightime temperatures start increasing, through to mid March when nightime temperatures start decreasing. The swimming season can be extended through the use of a pool blanket but there is now an affordable way to dramatically extend the length of the season and achieve the maximum enjoyment of your pool for your family

    With advances in technology it has now become more affordable to consider the installation of a Pool Heat Pump

    The heat pump uses a simple process, much the same as an air conditioner, where it sucks in warm ambient air which is then heated through a reheat pump and sent back into the pool, at a designated, controllable temperature

    Heat Pumps hold many advantages over other pool heating systems

    • They don’t rely on the sun like solar and they heat the pool up much faster
    • Installation is very simple, with no extra pipework or black tubing on the roof required, thereby reducing the risk of weather damage to your system
    • Electric heat pumps are between 50 and 80 percent cheaper to run than natural or lpg gas
    • It’s the most inexpensive heating system to purchase

    Some questions that need to be answered prior to installing a heat pump are……..

    How many litres of my water does my pool hold and what size heat pump is required to heat it?

    What are my running costs?

    How many months do want I want to use my pool for?

    Are there any other requirements that may be required in order to install the right system for me?

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