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Pool Covers Perth


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    Project Description

    Perth Pool Covers Services – Innovation Pool Resurfacing

    A solar Pool cover,they can be a bit of a nuisance having to take it on and off whenever the pool is being used, so why on earth do we bother having them?

    • Firstly, they increase the temperature of the pool by up to 8 degrees so you can definitely extend the swimming season by a few months
    • They prevent a lot of debris, dirt and uninvited guests (spiders,snakes etc) from entering the pool
    • A cover can reduce your chemical costs by up to 50 percent, due to water loss prevention from uv rays breaking down your chlorine
    • And last, but by no means least, it saves water by reducing the loss through evaporation by up to 97 Percent, and that is like money in the bank

    A pool blanket is made up of many tiny bubbles that capture the heat and transmit it into the pool. The secret in Perth is to always keep the pool covered at night because all the heat in the pool will be lost and not allow the water sufficient time to heat during the day, even if it is a hot day (January and February excluded)

    During the Spring and Summer months, a Swimming pool without a pool blanket will lose between 8 and 12 Millimetres of water. That being the case the average pool owner fills his pool up one and a half times a year (Approximately $400, based on my own experience of re filling my own pool)

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