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Leak Detection


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    Project Description

    Leaking Pools

    It is believed over 80% of all swimming pools leak, it is just the seriousness of the leak that differs. If you think your pool is leaking the first thing to do is complete a bucket test, a video of which can be found on the website, showing clear instructions on how to complete it.

    A swimming pool, during the Summer months, if it is not covered by a pool blanket, will lose on average 8 – 12 millimetres of water a day. This is dependant on how close you live to the coast.

    Regular filling of the pool, (more than once a week) is the surest sign of waterloss, or constantly having to add chemicals to balance the pool

    Here is a list of the main causes of pool leaks and their warning signs

    • There is air in the system which is blowing out through the return jets

    • The Pump is forever losing its prime

    • The pool leaks but only while the pump is running

    • There are signs of the Paving collapsing

    • Visible cracks in the fibreglass, or tear in the liner

    • The pool is running but the pool cleaner wont run

    Leak Locating

    So how do we find the leak if it isn’t visible.

    If a leak cannot be located via dye testing, we pressure test the underground pipework to establish if the leak is below ground, Electronic listening technology is then used to find the exact location of the leak.

    Specialised electronic technology is used to locate splits in liner pools and structural cracks/holes in fibreglass pools

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