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What is the Process.?

We use the international standard for a Fibreglass Pool Restoration, commonly referred to as the 5 stage process. After the Pool has been drained and braced (preventing the potential collapsing of the pool) the surface is prepared, with all blackspot and blistering being removed. Any repairs that are required are now undertaken prior to commencement of the Pool Restoration process such as patching particularly damaged areas on the pool shell. Only once these critical repairs are completed will we start the pool resurfacing process.


How pool repairs are managed and undertake is often dependant on the structure of the pool, for example is the pool a Concrete pool, Fibreglass pool, Liner pool, Above ground

All of the above types of pools have to be treated differently when any pool repairs are planned due to any potential damage to coatings, plaster applications or possible structural integrity Concrete pool repairs in Perth. A concrete pool is by far the best quality pool structure due its more robust construction and engineering. The more types of repair and maintenance issues this pool will face as it ages would be grouting from the waterline tiles breaking down, potentially causing pool leaks, pool plaster erosion as a result of chemical imbalances and poor maintenance.

A skimmer box in a concrete pool is encapsulated in concrete when it’s installed so in time as the concrete expands there is always a risk that the plastic construction of the skimmer box will be compromised and crack, leading to either a repair or skimmer box replacement

Generally speaking, leaking pipework is not as common in concrete pool due to the better-quality construction. 

The pipes are core drilled through the pool shell which is normally at least 150 mm thick, so unlike a fibreglass pool, they are not prone to cracking as a result of shifting or contracting sand around the pool. Pool plaster that either cracks or lifts from the pool concrete shell is often seen in ageing pools or in situations of poor workmanship. Whilst it can be repaired, the results cannot always be guaranteed, and the colour variation will be evident. There are different options for a repair that may last longer. Care should always be taken when draining a concrete pool with a plaster coat finish in order to prevent any potential sun damage or drying out of the plaster which can open up a whole new set of problems. If the concrete pool has had a fibreglass lining applied, draining of the pool for repairs also has to be undertaken promptly in order to prevent delamination of the fibreglass from the plaster as a result of the heat and sun exposure. If the concrete pool has had a liner installed and the pool for some reason needs the water to be dropped, extreme care needs to be taken and a contractor specialising in liner pools should consulted.
Pool renovation perth
pool renovations perth


Repairing a fibreglass pool in Perth requires a lot more attention to detail due to  its structural integrity or lack thereof. A fibreglass pool relies on equalised pressure from within and outside the pool. So for example if you drained a 35,000 litre out you would effectively be removing 35 tonnes of pressure. The soil pressure on the external would then be far greater causing the pool to potentially move and crack or in some cases collapse When a fibreglass pool repair requires the water level to be dropped, there are certain safety levels that the fibreglass pool restoration professional will be aware of, before it becomes necessary to brace the pool and secure the structure. If the pool is old and the paving around the shell is also old, there is a strong possibility that pavers will sink due to compromised sand compaction from rainfall and exposure to the elements.

1.         Poor quality construction of the shell and flaws in the mould. There are particular models of pools that are from a supplier that regularly crack, and in the same place.

2.         Cracks on the steps often occur with old pools where the sand compaction under the steps moves with age causing hollow spots so as you stand on the steps they feel bouncy. When these cracks are repaired we try to address the hollow areas otherwise they will again crack after a few years

3.         External factors such as falling debris and unsecured items in the pool area, the favourite being umbrella stands, falling in the pool

A lot of cracks in pools such as on the steps and external factors may be covered by insurance but each insurance company deals with these claims differently and I would encourage everyone to read the fine print to avoid disappointment

The most common leak in all pools is via the pool light. Silicone is often applied at cable entries and screw hole but silicone over time will break down. Leaking pipework is extremely common in fibreglass pools. Sand compaction will shift causing pipes to bend and eventually break or cause the return jet to crack. Skimmer box replacement is also fairly common in older pools where there is sand movement causing the skimmer box to drop and pull away from the shell

With over 16 years in the pool industry there are not many repairs that surprise us and are not able to be repaired.  We supply free quotations and advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call for any questions you may have.


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