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Innovation Pool Resurfacing, a family business, was established in 2005, specialising in the restoration of Fibreglass Pools. With advancements in Resin technology, Pool Resurfacing in Perth has evolved to a higher  quality of finish and a better, longer lasting product. After 15 years in the industry we feel as though we have a solid understanding of all the components that go into  producing a fantastic looking Pool that you can be proud of and thats going to stand the test of time in Perths harsh environment.

What is the Process.?

We use the international standard for a Fibreglass Pool Restoration, commonly referred to as the 5 stage process. After the Pool has been drained and braced (preventing the potential collapsing of the pool) the surface is prepared, with all blackspot and blistering being removed. Any repairs that are required are now undertaken prior to commencement of the Pool Restoration process such as patching particularly damaged areas on the pool shell. Only once these critical repairs are completed will we start the pool resurfacing process.

Step One.  Apply the first coat of the Vinyl Ester resin to the pool shell.

Step Two. The Fibreglass is now applied to the surface

Step Three. A bulk layer of Vinyl ester resin is applied over the fibreglass layer.

Step Four. After these three layers are allowed to dry the fourth coat (fill coat) is applied. This coat thickens and fills the first three coats and adds increased thickness to the layers which is ultimately what will be the new protective barrier against future blackspot and Blistering

Step Five. Only when the the first four layers have cured will the final step be undertaken. The surface is buff sanded smooth in preparation for the Topcoat, for which there are a number of colour options. 

The above resurfacing system is also often referred to as the Aquagard system. 


Let us help extend the life and bring back the beautiful look of your fibreglass Pool, using trusted resurfacing methods that will bring you a trouble free and healthy Swimming experience.

Transform your Concrete Pool back to its original splendour with a surface that will suit your style and budget.

Create the Resort Lifestyle in your own backyard. With unlimited styling options and a range of quality products to suit your budget, call us today to discuss your ideas..

All Pool Repairs in Perth are undertaken, irellevant of size and complexity. From Skimmer box replacement to Pool Leak repairs.

With advances in technology, heating your pool and extending the swimming season has never been easier and more affordable, call to discuss the option and amazing special offers

Enjoy a warmer and healthier Swimming experience that will not only give you more swim time, but also lower maintenance costs and a longer life for the surface of your Pool.

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